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Hey there how’re you doing? 😊 I am Nicolas Tedjadharma, or just call me Nico. Your future personal photographer. Born Indonesian and currently live in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Munich. So, why #wanderlensed? #wanderlensed was born from a combination of two words which characterize myself best

Wander /ˈwɒn.dər/ and Lens /lenz/

It is a story about a lens which won’t stop moving. A lens that wanders, meeting new people, witnessing moments and making them last forever. I am looking forward to meet you soon, it will truly be an honour for me to be given a chance to assist you with my lens! I speak German, English and of course Indonesian & Malay. I provide my services in Munich Greater Area.

Pricing & Booking

What kind of photos do you need?


Application Photos (Bewerbungsfotos), Headshot Business, Freestyle Model

Group / Events 

Engagement, (pre)Wedding, Family and all kind of special events you have 🙂

Let Me Capture Your Moments!

Do you still have questions or need my phone number? Send me a message.
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